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Why 90% of People in The Gym Will Never See Results & How to Fix This

When starting out, you will notice the people that have been getting consistent results over time, they have been losing fat and at the same time, they look for muscular. They are consistently stronger and look great!

But let's face it, the majority of the people look like they’re constantly starting a new plan and are never really get anywhere! They just NEVER have consistency or momentum.

You want to be the first type of person, the one getting consistent results that compound over time - like a high interest bank account!

How do you become that guy?

I am going to give you 3 strategies to get yourself into the 10% that succeed.

Strategy 1 - Master your lows

Ok Adam, stop talking in riddles - what does that mean? Look, I get it, none of us are perfect, almost all of us have some internal resistance or life events that will set us off track.

Say you miss a day of training, then, another day, which then makes you feel like there is no point in eating well and then your nutrition suffers, then you keep missing workouts.

To some degree, this will happen to most of you. It’s not about completely avoiding it, that will suck the fun out of life, it's about limiting the damage. For example, you miss one day, do your best to make sure you don’t miss another day. If you eat completely off plan one day, return to your plan the next.

It’s easier said than done, but if you understand from the get go, this may happen, you can be ready for it.

You don’t want these events to put you right back where you started, and then you get put off by how far you have to go to get back!

This is most commonly seen when you eat really well, maybe even too well, Mon-Fri, then when it comes to the weekend, you eat whatever you want. The extra calories on the weekend can prevent you from making progress.

In this scenario, your focus should be to make the weekend less bad, as that is what is holding you back. You can't make Mon-Fri better, that's a game of centimetres and won't get you very far!

To really stop this in its tracks – you have to ask yourself, where do you slip up? Do you overeat at night? Or just in general, what triggers you to fall off?

Strategy 2 - Focus on the big picture

I will often hear people say ''I am stuck, I am not getting results, please help’’ – I usually find that those people are not really stuck, they’re not focusing their efforts consistently on the biggest levers.

Compound lifts, Progressive overload, intensity, tracking workouts to make sure you’re actually progressively overloading, getting enough good quality sleep, consistently getting in enough protein, the right amount of calories, daily walks.

These are the things that are going to get you all your results. But instead, you are changing your exercises up often, focusing on THE new exercise you saw on Instagram. When in reality, focusing on the fundamentals consistently is all that’s needed!

Master the basics and get enjoyment out of getting better at them, getting stronger over time.

Strategy 3 - Make it a lifestyle

I forgot who said this, but to make drastic changes, the old you must die. Basically, your old habits need to die to make space for the new ones that are going to serve. You need to make the shift where this lifestyle becomes part of you, something you do regardless.

That doesn’t mean you diet forever, it actually means when you get to your desired weight, you have the skills necessary to maintain your weight and shape. Most of the time, this shift, where it's part of your lifestyle, leads to results you never thought you could get because you continue to get better results beyond your initial goals. You’ve mastered the fundamentals, and you're able to stack habits.

When you make it a lifestyle, you give it importance in your schedule – you say to yourself – I train these days of the week, and you have your nutrition dialled in to the point where you actually prefer eating well, but you know exactly how to have that burger or pizza as part of your plan!

That's all from me today - if you prefer to watch the video I did on this, you can below!

Thanks for reading.



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