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I don't care who you are or who you know: that guy or gal in the gym you eye with envy; your successful boss at work; that friend of yours who always seems to be the life of the party – we're all the same, born soft and fragile.


I don't care what you say or what they say: we're all the same.


We all have our own set of insecurities and obstacles – The difference between those who excel and those who don't is the action you take...


If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you.


Easier said than done? You're damn right it is!


The truth is, it's hard.


Hard but not impossible. 


And what if I told you that it's probably not as hard as you think it is?   


I'm one of many who decided to challenge myself. I decided that I was going either take control or crash and burn in a blaze of glory.


Either sounded better than doing nothing. 


At 191cm and 58kg, I was a skinny high-schooler.


I was bullied.... I was ridiculed.... I was abused.


I was just another insecure, socially awkward kid with zero confidence and suffocating anxiety. 


And to top it all off, I wasn't even very academic. 


But one day, something snapped. I just said f**k this, I don't want to be like this anymore. My brother and I got a bench, some weights and started training in our garden – that's where it all began.


And by 23, I gained my BA in Business and Economics...and, at108kg, I noticed people taking notice. 


But it wasn't a smooth journey....


Back in the day, we didn't have the oasis of widely accessible knowledge we have now: websites, apps, macro-calculators and supplements on every store shelf – it was years of trial and error: one step forwards, two steps back.


From becoming unhealthily obese to a crippling injury which left me unable to dress myself – I have seen it all, done it all and overcome it all. 


Fast forward to the present, and I am now in an incredible place - mentally and physically.


After giving up the recruitment business, I decided to pursue my passion: health, fitness and nutrition.


I re-did my PT3, became level 4 qualified; got certified as a nutritional coach and an online trainer.


But this is just the beginning – I'm still developing myself personally and professionally. 


And it's truly a blessing to be able to change lives by sharing what I love, especially in such an exciting time for fitness and nutrition. We're now living in an era where there is more information and resources at our fingertips than ever before.


Change is now easier than ever. 


We all have our own set of insecurities and obstacles. And maybe some of these are out of your control – and that's ok...


But I can help you make the right choices and leverage the things that are in your control.


Let me show you what's possible. 

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